What is Vakalatnama: The “Vakalatnama” is a contract between Client and the Advocate which is administered by the Court, where it has to be filed. The Client makes an Offer and the Advocate accepts the offer by signing under Accepted subject to terms of fees. Terms of fee are decided separately and are part of this contract where it is the consideration. Just empowering and accepting by an Advocate is a contract between an Advocate & Client to pay fee & render professional services and it is also a “Power of Attorney” given by Client to the Advocate to act upon his/her behalf in the Court.

Fee payable to Court and to Advocate Welfare Fund The Court Fee and also the Advocate Welfare Fund fee must be paid to both the authorities. Practically Court Fee Stamps and Advocate Welfare Stamps must be affixed and Crossed by Pen before submission of Vakalatnama to the Court / Authority

Any change in terms or cutting Vakalatnama is a format approved by High Courts. In any Vakalatnama where any change in words or terms is made or any cutting is done, the Vakalatnama may be rejected by the Court of laws at any time. Further proceeding of the case may be stopped by Court, till proper Vakalatnama is submitted to the Court / Authority.

Is photo copy or scanned copy of the Vakalatnama acceptable ? Photocopy or Scanned Copy of the Vakalatnama is not acceptable in any Court / Authority. However, at court’s exclusive discretion, identified advocate may be allowed verbally or through Memo of Appearance filed in the court for that particular date.

Handwritten Vakalatnama Handwritten Vakalatnama is not acceptable in any Court/Authority. Printed format is available in almost every court in this Country, which may be filled and signed.

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