How to pay fee

You may pay  by Cash personally or direct deposit of Cash or Paytm or  deposit of Cheque or DD etc. in my Bank Account. Receipt of fee or charges (if required) shall be acknowledged by official email & no separate receipt shall be issued by me.


 Bank A/C No.025001001636                          PAN: ACJPS8479A

RTGS/NEFT/IFSC Code: ICIC0000250  Name of Bank: ICICI Bank

Address of Bank: Sector-5, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075

DEDUCTION OF TDS: My clients having TAN may deduct 10% as TDS out of my any of the charges or fee, but they have to ensure that the TDS is deposited by them with IT authorities on time, so that it reflects as credit in my account in Income Tax (26AS). If the TDS is not reflecting due to any reason, the payee has to immediately pay me the TDS amount, else I will take necessary action as per statutes without any notice to payee and stop my services to that client immediately for it.

CONSULTANCY FEE:  Rs.1,000/- per hour on person or by E-mail or on telephonic meeting; to be paid in advance only.

LEGAL NOTICE FEE: for a small notice of 2 pages A4 size Rs.5,000/-  per notice to 1 noticee and Rs,1,000/- each notice for sending the same ditto (no change in any word or figure) notice to more than 1 noticee. For a notice of bigger size above 2 pages, Rs.10,000/- per notice to 1 noticee and Rs.1,000/- for additional addressees.

FEE FOR CASE AT ANY COURT: Will be determined mutually at the first consultancy meeting or any subsequent consultancy meeting, if all the relevant documents are shown or copy given.

FEE FOR ATTENDING ANY MEETING (AGM/SGM/MC) OF CGHS AS OBSERVER OR AS CHAIRMAN OF THAT MEETING: Rs.5,000/- + expenses & Conveyance etc. (the Agenda of such a meeting is desired to be discussed and then sent to members)

CONDUCT OF ELECTION OF MANAGING COMMITTEE OF CGHS AS RETURNING OFFICER: Rs.10,000/- + Expenses + Conveyance etc. (all documents have to be provided by society in advance)

MANAGEMENT OF A CGHS FOR ANY PERIOD AS CONSULTANT : Rs.10,000/- per month + Expenses + Conveyance etc. (decision to appoint has to be taken by SGM); Entire responsibility of Managing Committee’s work shall be taken and the Managing Committee or Sub-Committee will be guided to carry out the work / jobs / follow up in all respects.

STANDARDIZED WEB SITE AS PER ORDERS OF RCS & DCT FOR COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY: Rs.5,000/- per annum + actual charges of converting entire records into .pdf files. for more details please see our web-site:


for free legal advice see our web site: